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Management Team

Robert Bentz Chief Executive Officer

Robert Bentz graduated from Brown University in the United States, majoring in financial management. As early as during college, Bentz displayed business talent that stood out from the rest and had a unique insight for foreign exchange investment. After graduating, Bentz worked as a risk consultant for Barclays in the United Kingdom, where he was responsible for developing a safe risk response solution for clients.

In 2018, Bentz sensed a major business opportunity in the cryptocurrency industry and founded Gainsky Investment in tandem with ongoing trends. He developed a flawless collaborative trading model for Gainsky Investment, combining the largest financial markets of today with the world’s most popular technology to create the most highly sought-after financial technology and cryptocurrency investment company.

Brian Easton Chief Financial Officer

Brian Easton holds a Bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, United States. Prior to joining Gainsky Investment, Brian worked for Aviva and Intesa Sanpaolo, attaining considerable gains for both financial institutions. Brian was hired as Chief Financial Officer of Gainsky Investment in 2018.

Decades of financial industry experience endowed Brian with a high level of professionalism and skills in managing the company’s business. Brian believes that cryptocurrency will inject fresh blood into traditional financial markets and that Gainsky Investment is certain to become a leader in this emerging industry.

Jamie Hawthorne Chief Technology Officer

Jamie Hawthorne graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in global finance from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Edinburgh. Subsequently, Hawthorne served as director of technological research and development at AmerisourceBergen Corporation and joined Gainsky Investment in October 2018.

Hawthorne displayed excellent insight in the field of cryptocurrency and his participation has brought advanced technological support to the company. Hawthorne believes that there are numerous potential opportunities hidden within the cryptocurrency and foreign trading markets and that the mission of the company is to transform these potential opportunities into tangible wealth.